Service Desk Licensing in Access Types
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Service Desk Licensing in Access Types


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Within access types there is a field for "licensed". This document explains how this works.


Release:  All releases
Component: CA Service Desk Manager


This defines if the user will access data that is not their own. Licensing is the same as it was in previous versions except that it is now more overtly shown from the license definition perspective.

Additional Information

The definition of ownership when it comes to the License flag is that the given end user will only be able to see content that they are assigned to or owned.  An example is Configuration Items.  Barring other permission restrictions introduced by Functional Access or Data Partitioning, a contact that is assigned an Access Type with the Licensed flag enabled will be able to view all CI content.  A contact whose assigned Access Type does not have the Licensed flag enabled will only be able to view CI's where the given contact is listed specifically as the "Primary Contact" on the given CI.

Adding the given contact to the "Other Assigned Contacts List" on the CI listing is not sufficient to allow the given CI to be displayed for the given contact.