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How can I extend my DXgrid datastore?


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When the DXgrid datastore is created, the size of it is fixed. When the datastore fills up, there is a way that you can extend it (increase it's size). The DXtool is called "dxextenddb".


Component: ETRDIR


When a DXgrid datastore reaches 100% full (or close to), you can increase the size of the datastore by using the DXtool called "dxextenddb". The process for extending a datastore is as follows:

  1. Shutdown the DSA by using the following command

    % dxserver stop {dsaName}

  2. Edit the dxgrid-db-size parameter within the DSA's initialization file (DXHOME/config/servers/{dsaName.dxi})

    Eg. If you want to extend it by 100 MB

    Change "set dxgrid-db-size = 500;" to "set dxgrid-db-size = 600;"

  3. Run "dxextenddb {dsaName}"

  4. Restart the DSA by using the following command

    % dxserver start {dsaName}

Once the DXgrid datastore has been extended and restarted, you can continue adding or modifying entries.