When trying to access the CA OPS/MVS STCTBL is seems to be locked.
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When trying to access the CA OPS/MVS STCTBL is seems to be locked.


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


When using SSMGA or SSMGAV2 to move resources across systems (e.g. from SYSA to SYSB) and the STCTBL RDF table is used to confirm the status of the tasks, trying to access the RDF table via OPSVIEW option 2.6 at SYSA can produce an enqueue situation. You get a message that indicates the table is in use. If you press the PF1 key, the following message is displayed: "userid ON SYSA HOLDS THE ENQ ON TABLE SYSA>STCTBL".

While the userid is a CA OPS/MVS user who was visiting the table via OPSVIEW option 2.6 is logged out from TSO in all the systems, the CA OPS/MVS main task holds the resource and produces the enqueue. 

This article describes the steps you can follow to release the enqueue in the STCTBL RDF Table without stopping the CA OPS/MVS main task.



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 To release the enqueue against the STCTBL RDF table follow these actions:

- Either visit OPSVIEW option 2.6 and use the F 'Free table enq’ command for the STCTBL RDF table/

- Or go to OPSVIEW option 4.8 and check for the value of the Global Variables GLVTEMP0 or 1.
Delete all the entries for the userid listed in the enqueue message. 

If all above does not help to release the enqueue then consider a restart of the CA OPS/MVS main task as a last resort.


Additional Information

The above process is only meant as a quick resolution. When the problem occurs more often it's advised to contact CA Technical Support.