How to add a new Node or a new Menu Tree in Service Desk Manager
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How to add a new Node or a new Menu Tree in Service Desk Manager


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How to customize a Menu Tree or modify Nodes in Service Desk Manager


Service Desk Manager 12.x, 14.x and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems


  1. Log into Service Desk using a Service Desk Administrator account.

  2. Go to Security and Role Management -> Role Management -> Menu Trees on the Administration Tab and select "admin_tree"

  3. On the admin_tree Menu detail, select File'-> Copy and provide a "Menu Tree Name" and "Code". Click the SAVE button.

    * The code name must match the code name used by the HTMPL form that uses the menu tree
    * You can create a new Menu Tree by clicking the 'Create New' button

  4. Click the 'Customize Menu' button.  This brings up the modifiable Administration interface form. Right-click on where you would like to add the node and select 'Create New Node.'

  5. Go to 'Role List' and select a Role you would like to attach the created new tree. Open the 'Tabs' tab and select a Tab name you would like to add the new tree. Click on the name of the "Starting Page" link, which brings Web Form Details screen.

  6. Click on the 'Edit' button and define the new Tree code after "...tree_code=xxx" in the Resource field. Save the changes.

    For example:


    These changes are unlikely to negatively impact a system if performed incorrectly.
    However, please experiment with the above changes on a test system first to ensure familiarity with the procedure.
    It is advised to take a full backup before introducing changes to a production system, for any change.