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How do I suppress the CA SymDump Batch abend Report? A program abends at execution time and instead of a standard IBM system dump I receive a CA SymDump Batch abend report.


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch



CA SymDump Batch is initialized at IPL time and remains dormant until a dump is requested as the result of an abend. CA Symdump Batch then gets invoked by the operating system dump SVC and reports on every abend generating a CA SymDump Batch abend report.

CA SymDump Batch by default suppresses the standard IBM system dump. Sometimes a system dump is required to ship to IBM or a vendor for diagnostic purposes.


To allow your standard dump facility to be invoked the following conditions must be met.

  1. The abending JOB step must have //SYSUDUMP DD card defined.
  2. //CAOESTOP DD DUMMY must be allocated to the abending STEP.
    If the CAOESTOP DD statement is present CA SymDump Batch is bypassed and your standard dump facility is invoked.

This topic is outlined in the CA SymDump Batch User Guide Chapter Reporting.


Component: SYMBAT