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How to change password for ServiceDesk and mdbadmin users


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I would like to change the password for the Privileged User and/or the MDB Database userid. How can this be accomplished?

This document describes how to change the following passwords used in Service Desk:

  • Privileged User (Default User Name: ServiceDesk)
  • MDB Database UserID (Default UserID: mdbadmin)

These passwords are all required for the Service Desk "Configuration" process (pdm_configure.exe).

Knowledge of the existing passwords is not required for this procedure, and so is useful for addressing "unknown passwords."


Release: CACMDB99000-11.1-CMDB



  • Failure to successfully complete these steps may render a Service Desk system inoperable.
  • Existing passwords will be overwritten and are NOT readily recoverable.
For Service Desk Privileged User and Restricted User passwords:
  1. Change the password/s at the OS level. See your operating system guide for details.

    NOTE: If the Service Desk Primary server is NOT defined as a domain controller, the user is on the local machine as a local user.

    If the Service Desk Primary server is defined as a domain controller, the user is on domain controller (Active Directory) as a domain user.
  2. Run pdm_configure. Use the new passwords during this process.
For the MDB Database Userid:
  1. Change the password in a Database server.
  2. Run pdm_configure.

All of the passwords may be changed with one run of pdm_configure.