How to modify multiple CA Service Desk Manager tickets in one step
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How to modify multiple CA Service Desk Manager tickets in one step


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This article discusses a scenario in which there are a large number of Service Desk Manager (SDM) tickets to modify all at the same time.


Service Desk Manager 12.x, 14.1 and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems and Web Browsers


To modify multiple tickets Service Desk Manager tickets, first run a search or Scoreboard Query that will put all the tickets on the same screen. For example, issue a search for Requests (or any other ticket type) with Status=Open.

Once the tickets are in a list, click Edit in List. Note that you can click List All on the bottom of the screen where necessary to display a large list.  

Initially, the Save(@) button is not enabled.

Make the desired changes, for instance by changing the Status field from Open to Closed.

The Save button is now enabled. Click Save and all items in the list are updated.

Using "Change All"

There is also a function called "Change All".  This will make whatever change you are attempting apply to all entries in the search result:


In the above example, we see that a status change of "Hold" has been applied to Request #44.  If you were to click "Change All", this will apply the same change across ALL search results depicted.  It will not differentiate across entries and will apply the change equally across all search result entries.  

However, the update will not take effect until clicks "Save".