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BOXI Reports for tables which have more than 20,000 records in the database do not run in Java Infoview.


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In BOXI by default reports can only read 20,000 records from the database. Hence, reports linked to tables with more than 20,000 rows will not run. This document explains the steps to change this behavior.


In order to run a report which needs to read more than 20,000 rows from the database, the Crystal Reports Page Server settings need to be modified in the Central Management Console.

Steps to modify the Crystal Reports Page Server settings:

  1. Login to Central Management Server as Administrator

  2. Click on Servers and select the page server with the name like server_name.pageserver. Figure 1

    Figure 1

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

  3. The option Records limited to 20000 is set for "Database Records To Read When Previewing or Refreshing a Report". Change the setting to a different value more than 20,000 or check the option Unlimited records. Click on Apply and it will restart the Crystal Reports Page Server.

  4. Reports can read more than 20,000 records in BOXI.


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