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Under the CEM UI Setup-> Monitors, what can cause a "Connection Failure" or "Communication Error 403" for the "Domain Configuration Status" or the "Monitor Configuration Status" for one or more TIMs?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


 Under Setup-> Monitors the "Domain Configuration Status" or "Monitor Configuration Status" can sometimes show an error "Connection Failure" or "Communication Error 403" for one or more TIMs, and using "Synchronize All Monitors" does not help.


The usual root cause for such a problem is a mismatch between the IP Address being used for the MOM or TIM Collector EMs and the corresponding value set on the TIM.


All APM CEM versions


 Most 403 problems relate to a mismatch between the IP Address used for MOM or TIM Collector EM's and the corresponding value set on the TIM.

  • Under Setup-> Services -> EM Configuration, check the "EM IP Address" dropdown for the MOM and TIM Collector EM to verify the IP Address being used in each case. If the EMs have multiple NICs, then the IP Address dropdown will contain multiple values and the one selected may not be the desired one.


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  • Under Setup-> Monitors, click on the TIM IP Address link to login to the Tim Setup and then select "Configure Tim Settings". Check the values for

    • TessCollectorIPAddr - should match TIM Collector IP Address (or IP Address of Standalone EM)
    • TessIPAddr - should match MOM IP Address (or IP Address of Standalone EM)
    • NOTE: If either property is missing then create it using option "Define a new value" e.g. to create property TessIpAddr:
    • New name: TessIpAddr 
    • New value: MOM IP Address (or IP Address of Standalone EM)
  • After making any necessary changes and saving there is no need to restart the TIM.

  • Retry "Synchronize All Monitors" from Setup-> Monitors to verify that the problem is resolved.




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