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How can you change the default status of Change order from RFC to Open.


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How can you change the default status of Change order from RFC to Open.


By Default status of Change Order is set to RFC.

Please follow these steps to change the status from RFC to Open.

  1. Create a new mod file, say zstatus.mod, beneath folder location %NX_ROOT%\site\mods\majic. Where %NX_ROOT%respresents the Service Desk default installation folder location.

  • Add the following line to the file, making sure hit the carriage return/enter key to add blank line as the last line in the file if this is the only line being enter:

    MODIFY chg status { ON_NEW DEFAULT "OP" ; } ;

Recycle services.

A list of other default Status codes are:


APP:        Approval in progres
CNCL        Cancelld
CL          Closed
HOLD        Hold Service Type Events
IMPL        Implementation in Progress
OP          Open 
RE          Resolved 
RFC         Request for Change 
SUSPEND     Suspended 
VRFY        Verification in progress. 


Component: ARGIS