Is there a list of Return Codes associated with SARPAC messages?
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Is there a list of Return Codes associated with SARPAC messages?


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This document provides a list of Return Codes associated with SARPAC messages.


The following is a list of Messages and Return Codes that could be displayed while running the SARPAC Tape Consolidation Utility.

  Code       Message
-------- ----------------------------------------------------------------
   16      SARPAC02  Expanded retention was never initialized
   16      SARPAC03  Master index is already in use
    8      SARPAC05  Error on input tape
   16      SARPAC06  Error on output tape
    4      SARPAC10  No Sysout groups require consolidation
   16      SARPAC15  Data base at incorrect level for this release
   16      SARPAC16  SORT failed with RC=XXXX
    0      SARPAC20  SYSIN control cards governing this SARPAC
   16      SARPAC21  No TAPESEQ= or STORGRP= found
   16      SARPAC22  Invalid or extraneous control card found
   16      SARPAC23  Storage group not defined in database
   16      SARPAC24  Invalid tape sequence number specification or tape 
                     sequence number(s) not found in database
   16      SARPAC52  ***WARNING*** Run SARPAC to copy tapes following 
                     merge of data bases
   16      SARPAC86  Syntax error in REPORT keyword parameter
   16      SARDBIxx  Database I/O Error


Release: CMASLI00200-11.5-Spool-Print Management-Interface for HP Laser