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CA SymDump for CICS - IEW2974T REGION TOO SMALL message and SF04/AKEB Abend


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SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch



When a "+IEW2974T C008 REGION TOO SMALL TO ESTABLISH BINDER ENVIRONMENT" message is issued and/or a "+DFHSR0606 cicsname Abend (code 0F4/AKEB) has been detected" abend occurs during CA SymDump for CICS dump capturing, then check the storage definitions.

IEWBIND is used by CA SymDump for CICS and requires about 750K of "BELOW THE LINE" storage.

To ensure there is sufficient below the line storage, you need to ensure DSALIM is at least 750K less than PRIVATE AREA SIZE.


If you have some kind of z/OS tool such as CA SysView, Omegamon, or Mainview, you should be able to determine the size of the private area. DSALIM must be about 750K less than this.

Here is a sample how you could increase the "below the line" storage:

If the CICS REGION size is 256M, and the EDSA size is 230M (26M left), decreasing EDSA to 180M could resolve the problem.


Component: SYMDUM