VISION:Builder ASL multiple corrections and enhancements; ASL Translator module replaced
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VISION:Builder ASL multiple corrections and enhancements; ASL Translator module replaced


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Vision:Builder Vision:Two



Multiple corrections and enhancements have been made to ASL, the free-form syntax.


As problems have been uncovered using ASL, the fixes have been implemented with replacement modules. RO04854 replaces the entire ASL Translator module and includes the fixes from APARs BL00156, BL00157 and BL00159 and introduced some ASL enhancements. RO04854 cumulatively:

  • corrects the RELEASE ARRAY command to accept numeric array qualifiers.

  • corrects a problem related to fixed-syntax CT statements and handling some EOF conditions while reading ASL statements from the input stream.

  • modifies the ASL FIND function to allow it to be used to read external arrays. The extended syntax is: FIND(ARRAY n) where n is the CORDn file number for the external array file. Use of the ARRAY keyword is mutually exclusive with the SEGMENT keyword for the FIND function. When the ARRAY keyword is specified, the WHERE, FIRST, NEXT, and LAST keywords should not be specified.

  • modifies the ASL FIELD statement syntax to allow hexadecimal values to be specified for the INIT keyword.

    For example: TEMP1: FIELD C 4 INIT X'1234ABCD'

    The hexadecimal value uses the notation of X'hh....' where h is a string of hexadecimal digits (0-9, A-F). An even number of hexadecimal digits must be specified and may not include more than 32 hexadecimal digits. If the hexadecimal value is longer than the field size, it will be truncated. If the field is shorter than the hexadecimal value, it will be filled with blanks. Hexadecimal initial values may only be specified for character (Type C) temporary fields.

    RO04854 is available for download from the CA Support Online Download Center.


Release: VSNBLD00200-15-VISION:Builder