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CA Business Intelligence installation fails on the configuration with "Unknown Error Code 1" when installed on ServiceDesk secondary server. How to resolve it?


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When CA Business Intelligence is installed on a ServiceDesk secondary server, the configuration part fails install the CA ServiceDesk universe. This document explains the cause and the steps to resolve the error message.


On a ServiceDesk secondary server when running CABI configuration (second part of the install), it fails with the error "Unknown Error Code 1"

The following error appears in the pdm_install_biek.log file present under $NX_ROOT\log folder.

06/17 13:07:04.020 INFO 442 Executing command: cmd.exe /C C:\DOCUME~1\ User_Name \Local Settings\Temp\3\biconfig\biconfig.bat -h SERVER_NAME-u Administrator -p Password -f C:\DOCUME~1\ UserName \Local Settings\Temp\3\cfg_itil_with_users.xml
06/17 13:07:04.364 INFO 613 Process cmd.exe completed with exit code 1
06/17 13:07:04.364 INFO 581 passed to check_Exit :1
06/17 13:07:04.364 ERROR 583 Set Task state FAILED and retCode:
06/17 13:07:04.364 INFO 581 passed to check_Exit :1
06/17 13:07:04.364 ERROR 583 Set Task state FAILED and retCode:
06/17 13:07:04.364 INFO 360 BIEK configure returned: 1
06/17 13:07:04.364 INFO 412 retCode 1: Unknown error code 1

The error message is displayed because of the following reasons:

  1. The Java Runtime Environment is not installed and the JAVA_HOME variable is not set under environment variables

  2. The ODBC driver is pointing to an incorrect server in the cfg_itil_with_users.xml file

Steps to resolve problem 1:

  1. From the CA ServiceDesk R12 media DVD 1, install Java Run Time installer present under \ca_tps.nt\JRE_1_5 folder.

  2. And set the JAVA_HOME variable in environment variables to the JRE install directory. See Fig 1


    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 1

Steps to resolve problem 2:

At the time of running the configuration, the from the DVD 2 is extracted to the following location C:\DOCUME~1\logged in user\Local Settings\Temp. The files are extracted to a folder which is generally a single digit number. In the folder the cfg_itil_with_users.xml file will have the settings.

  1. Open the cfg_itil_with_users.xml with a text editor

  2. Find the following lines at the beginning of the file.
    <biar-file name="D:\DVD10131716E\utils\..\CA_tps.nt\CABO\data\CA_ServiceDesk_Reports.biar">                  <networklayer>ODBC</networklayer>     <rdms>Generic ODBC datasource</rdms>     <username> ServiceDesk_Previlaged_Username </username>     <password> Password </password>     <datasource> casd_ServiceDesk_Primary_Server_Name </datasource>                  <server> ServiceDesk_Primary_Server_Name </server>              </biar-file> 
  3. The server name at times is defaulted to secondary server name. Change it to primary server name in Upper Case.

  4. Save the file.

  5. Open the command prompt and navigate to the folder C:\DOCUME~1\logged in user\Local Settings\Temp\number_folder\biconfig where number_folder is the folder created by configuration which is a single digit number

  6. Run the command biconfig.bat -h Secondary_Server_Name -u Administrator -p BOXI_ADMIN_Password -f C:\DOCUME~1\Logged_In_User\Local Settings\Temp\number_folder\cfg_itil_with_users.xml

  7. This will install the CA ServiceDesk universe, creates the default reports and users in CA Business Intelligence.


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