Table OBJECT12 grows with no limit in the Object Store
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Table OBJECT12 grows with no limit in the Object Store


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Customer has the following error in the application server log:

15:13:37,430 ERROR [persistence] PersistenceProvider: http- insertBlob: exception saving blob: ORA-01653: unable to extend table SM_OBJECT.OBJECT12 by 16 in tablespace USERS.

Customer is able to work around this problem by adding more space to the tablespace USERS, however the table will grow and eventually He will get the same error.

Customer wants to know:

  1. What kind of information is making the table OBJECT12 to grow like this?

  2. How can He clean up this table?

Customer's environment as follows:

  • SiteMinder Policy Server R12 SP1 CR02

  • Oracle as Object Store.


  1. OBJECT12 table growth:

    The table OBJECT12 stores information about the tasks (any task for example user has logged in to UI) created by the WAM UI.

  2. OBJECT12 table Cleanup can be accomplished using the provided cleanup scripts:

    Clean up scripts for the table OBJECT12 will be included in SiteMinder R12 SP1 CR03. For more information please check the readme file for the instruction on how to use these scripts.

Important Note and Disclaimer:

If you delete the information from the table OBJECT12 then the reports "View My Submitted Tasks" and "View Submitted Task" will be affected (Information for that specific time frame will be lost!).


Component: SMPLC