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OPSMVS - IRX0250E - System abend 0C3 running OPSSM2CV OPS/Rexx converter program.


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OPSMVS - System abend 0C3 running OPSSM2CV OPS/Rexx converter program.

OPS/MVS supplies it's own version of REXX and to use it you need to use the OPSIMEX (OI) command processor to run the REXX under the OPSREXX environment.

Client receives following series of IRX msgids:

  IRX0250E System abend code 0C3, reason code 00000003. 
  IRX0254E Abend in external subroutine OPSCLEDQ. 
    72 +++ Call Opscledq 
  IRX0040I Error running OPSSM2CV, line 72: Incorrect call to routine 


You can invoke OPSIMEX (OI) in order to run OPSSM2CV from within OPSLOG by entering:

/xxOI P(OPSSM2CV) where xx is OSF command character

-- or --

/xxOI P(OPSSM2CV) ARG(TABLES(STCTBL_BACK) if you are trying to convert a backup table first.

This will successfully invoke the OPS/REXX environment in order for the OPSSM2CV program to run properly.


Component: SOPMVS