WAM UI shows only 2 tabs when I login as Administrator.
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WAM UI shows only 2 tabs when I login as Administrator.


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I have installed a brand new WAM UI R12, I'm able to log into the WAM UI and register the Policy Server connection. However when I log in as administrator, I only have 2 tabs: Reports and administration, the Infrastructure and Policy tabs are missing.

My environment is as follows:

  • SiteMinder Policy Server and WAM UI R12 SP1 CR02 on windows 2003.
  • Jboss 4.0.5 as application server
  • SQL Server 2005 as object store.


The issue is because the directory.xml file is making reference to a non-existing column for the well know attribute "Password Data":

<- Begin
<ImsManagedObjectAttr physicalname="SmUser.PASSWORD_TXT" displayname="Password Data"
 description="Used by password policies" valuetype="String" required="false"
 multivalued="false" wellknown="%PASSWORD_DATA%" maxlength="0" hidden="true"/>
-> End

Customer has created the Administrative User Directory table using the following script:

<- Begin
        UserID               int NOT NULL,
        Name                 SmStringReqN,
        Password             SmStringReqN,
        LastName             SmStringReqN,
        FirstName            SmStringReqN,
        EmailAddress         SmStringReqN,
        TelephoneNumber      SmStringReqN,
        Disabled             SmStringReqN,
        PIN                  SmStringReqN,
        Mileage              int NOT NULL,
        PasswordData         varchar(2000) NOT NULL,
        PRIMARY KEY (UserID)
-> End

To fix this problem, please export the directory.xml file using the idmmanage tool and change the physicalname for the well know attribute Password_data from SmUser.password_txt to SmUser.PasswordData and reimport it.

For more information please check the KB article (TEC481032) "How do I modify the Administrative User Directory settings for the R12 WAMUI after the installation has been completed?" available at support.ca.com.


Component: SMPLC