Gateway 9.2 Patch reports success but version remains at 9.1


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CA API Gateway


After applying the 9.2 platform and application patch successfully and rebooting the gateway, the reported version remains on 9.1. This can be seen at the ssgconfig console menu and by running 'rpm -qa | grep ssg'.


Existing monthly platform update patches can cause an unreported conflict.


This has been reported against a 9.1 Gateway while being upgraded to 9.2.


To overcome, from a root prompt, navigate to:-


and remove the .status, .L7P and .LCK files for any monthly update patches as well as the 9.2 platform and application patch you are trying to install.  Return back to ssgconfig console menu and upload and install the 9.2 Platform and monthly patch, and reboot server.  The reported version should be 9.2.  After this apply latest monthly patch to make sure that system is up to date and a record of the has been recorded in the listed patches.