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We use the ACF2 VM ACF command to list access rules, list resource rules and list VMO options but the output goes to the terminal. How can I route the output of ACF commands to a CMS file rather than to the terminal?


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A CMS EXEC can be created to issue ACF commands and direct the output to a CMS file.


The CMS PIPE command can be used from a CMS REXX EXEC to issue the ACF commands and route(pipe) the output to a specified SMS file. The following sample REXX EXEC will issue the following ACF commands and route the output to the CMS file: PIPE OUTPUT A.

ACF Command       Description 
-------------     ------------------------------------------------------------------ 
SET RULE          establish the RULE setting. 
LIST LIKE(-)      list all rules. 
SHOW STATE        display information about the eTrust CA-ACF2 databases, mode, 
                  current ACFFDR, access rule and password options, UID, 
                  who can decompile rules, tape volume pseudo data set name and 
                  protected tape volumes, resource rule cache and types, 
                  resident type lists, SSFTYPE definitions, and data set rule options. 
SHOW CMDLIM       display current command limiting parameters. 
SHOW DIAGLIM      display the mode for diagnose limiting validation. 
SHOW SRF          display the potential users who can use the System Request Facility 
                  on behalf of other users. 
SHOW ACTIVE       Displaying Intercepts and Exits. 
'acf set rule' 
/* the first pipe creates the file, the remaining pipe commands 
appends to the end of the file */ 
'pipe command ACF LIST LIKE(-) | > pipe output a' 
'pipe command ACF SHOW STATE | >> pipe output a' 
'pipe command ACF SHOW CMDLIM | >> pipe output a' 
'pipe command ACF SHOW DIAGLIM | >> pipe output a' 
'pipe command ACF SHOW SRF | >> pipe output a' 
'pipe command ACF SHOW ACTIVE | >> pipe output a' 
'acf end


Component: ACF2VM