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How to set a timeout value of a browser session for CA Software Change Manager (Harweb) R7.1 web client?


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager - OpenMake Meister



By default, the Harweb (accessed via a web browser, like Microsoft Internet Explorer) will keep an active session after logon Harweb. If your web master wants to enforce a timeout value on a Harweb client, the harweb.cfg file can be modified on the application server. This would affect all Harweb users.


Harweb controls it's own session timeout via a parameter in the harweb.cfg file located in this directory: <Harweb Install Directory>/harweb/WEB-INF/

NOTE: The unit for the number is in second

If Harweb doesn't find the Session_timeout setting in harweb.cfg, it sets session.setMaxInactiveInterval to -1 (no timeout).

NOTE: In older versions of Harweb, the session timeout was controlled by a parameter in the web.xml file. With Harweb 7.1 and above releases, the Session_timeout parameter is used from the harweb.cfg file.


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