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Audit SP2 - Discussion of TCP ports 8025 and 8026


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If you are running Audit version 8.0 SP2; you need to set-up both TCP ports 8025 and 8026.


The Audit Policy Manager for version 8.0 SP1 requires only TCP port 8025.

  • Port 8026 is NOT a requirement for any of the Audit 8.0 SP1 versions.

The Audit Policy Manager for version 8.0 SP2 requires both TCP ports 8025 and 8026.

If you installed the Audit versions SP2 Policy Manager with the default settings; TCP port 8026 will be configured. You will only need to open it.

In Audit versions SP2 the two ports function in relation to each other:

  1. TCP Port 8025 (which is an official IANA-registered TCP port) is used by the CA Audit Distribution Agent Service/Daemon.

    • TCP Port 8025 is listening on the agents and sent by the server

    • TCP Port 8025 is used by acdistsrv(*1) to distribute policies to acdistagn(*2) only, so the communication is initiated by the acdistsrv(*1).

  2. TCP Port 8026 (which is an official IANA-registered TCP port) is for the CA Audit Distribution Server Service/Daemon.

    • TCP Port 8026 is listening on the server and sent by the agents

    • TCP Port 8026 is used by acdistagn(*2) to send status to acdistsrv(*1), so the communication is only initiated by the acdistagn(*2).

    • Type: String Value, TCP, bi-directional

  3. Both ports relate to the Policy Manager

*1 acdistsrv (eTrust Audit Distribution Server Service/Daemon)

*2 acdistagn (eTrust Audit Distribution Agent Service/Daemon)


Component: ADTCTL