How to use the LDAP AUTHSOURCE parm to find an IP Address?
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How to use the LDAP AUTHSOURCE parm to find an IP Address?


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In LDAP calls do not show the IP Address of the system that has sent the call.


If you need to identify the IP Address where calls are coming from into the LDAP server you can change the LDAP Parameter AUTHSOURCE.
The default of AUTHSOURCE is SERVER which will not pass an IP Address. If you change AUTHSOURCE to CLIENT it will then pass the IP ADDRESS in hex during the racroute call at signon . A trace will show the IP ADDRESS in hex which can then be translated to the familiar address.

Here it is an example:
If IP ADDRESS in hex is x'8DCACC23', it will means IP ADDRESS is x'8D' = 141; x'CA' = 202; x'CC' = 204; x'34' = 52.

The AUTHSOURCE parameter needs to be changed in the slapd.conf file and a recycle of the LDAP STC is necessary for the change to take effect.


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