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Running ldaptest script results in CEE3501S The module libldif.dll was not found after CA LDAP install


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After installing CA LDAP and running the "ldaptest" script, the following error message is seen:

CEE3501S The module libldif.dll was not found.

What is causing this?




The "ldaptest" script (./ldaptest) is run to verify if CA LDAP Server has been installed correctly. The CEE3501S error will be issued if a required DLL cannot be found when running a program.

The syntax of the command is: ./ldaptest userid user_pass [port [ipaddr]]

If the user who is executing the "ldaptest" script does not have the current directory in their LIBPATH, that can cause the dll not to be found causing the CEE3501S error. This can be corrected by issuing the following command to set the LIBPATH environment variable:


The execution of "export LIBPATH=$LIBPATH:." adds the local directory to the search path for DLL's when running a program. This is only needed on a day to day basis if running programs that need DLLs.

To make it permanent for all users, add it to the /etc/profile file.

To make it permanent for a specific user, add it to the $USER_HOME/.profile file.

Details on "ldaptest" script can be found in the CA LDAP Server for z/OS Installation Guide section Verify the Installation and Configuration (LDAP).