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How to setup EEM authentication in ServiceDesk R12? The option is no longer available on configuration screen.


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In ServiceDesk R12, the EEM integration is changed. This document explains the steps to configure EEM authentication.


Steps to configure EEM authentication in ServiceDesk R12:

  1. Login to ServiceDesk as Administrator

  2. Go to Administration->Options Manager->Security.

  3. The following options need to be installed

    1. eiam_hostname: Enter the hostname of EEM server

    2. url_etrust_password_reset: This URL can be used if a user forgets his password set in EEM. Change the URL as follows http://eiam_hostname/EOAWebi/EAOLogin

    3. use_ EIAM_artifact: This uses EIAM artifacts create by the EEM

    4. use_eiam_authentication: This will enable EEM authentication for the all access types. Fig1

      Fig 1.

      <Please see attached file for image>

      Figure 1

  4. After the options are installed, recycle ServiceDesk services.

  5. After recycling the services, the authentication type for all access types changes to CA EEM-Use CA Embedded Entitlements Manager. Fig 2

    Fig 2

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 2

  6. If the authentication type need to be changed for some access types, it can be done using Edit option of the access type detail window.


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