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Can a DMS script program be compiled and linked as a windows executable file?


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Can a DMS script program be compiled and linked as a windows executable file?
Sometimes this feature can be useful to hide information the end user should not be able to read like password of admin users embedded in scripts.


Yes, a procedure written using the DMS script language provided with CA can be compiled into a windows executable file by following the steps here below:

  1. Open the DMS Script Editor-Debugger.

  • Load or write the program using the DMS script language.

  • Save the source code as <MyScriptName>.dms
    where <MyScriptName> is the name you choose for your script.

  • Test its execution from within the interpreter environment.

  • From within the environment select "Help/About script". The About script editor window will popup.

  • Press CTRL+Shit+Click on the 'OK' button. A new popup window stating "Finished making the script executable file: <MyScriptName>.EXE".

  • An windows executable¬†version of your script will be saved in the same location your script source code was saved in step (3).

  • Run <MyScriptName>.EXE to verify it actually runs the same tasks as the interpretation of <MyScriptName>.dms.


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence