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A Team Center Universe with defined attribute filter e.g. Hostname, and filtered out values does not show those excluded values at next edit.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  • Create a new Team Center Universe
  • Add a new attribute filter e.g. Hostname and filter on specific attribute values (hostnames)
  • Save the Universe and when edit/view it again all the filtered out values are not visible for later addition.


APM 10.2 and later releases


This is working as designed because Universes are supposed to be narrowed views and is a step towards them being used as a security/access control feature.


To add more attribute values requires deleting the existing attribute filter and adding it back with the required values.

Currently in the latest release 10.5.x if delete the attribute filter and add it back in the same session the attribute value list is still not refreshed to show the full list. To workaround that save the Universe after deleting the filter and edit the Universe again to add the filter which will then show the full list of attribute values. This problem will be fixed in future APM release 10.6

Additional Information

Administrating > Configure Enterprise Team Center > Configure Universes