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How to close a ticket from the command line.


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This document gives you the syntax for closing a ticket using the command line utility pdm_text_cmd.


The following example provides the syntax for closing a ticket from the command line.

  1. If you need to close a ticket with ID 12345, you need a file.txt.


    where <Ref#> represents the ticket reference number of the ticket you are trying to close. (In this example, it would be 12345)

  2. Save the above statements in a text file

  3. Run the pdm_text_cmd with file.txt as the input file...

    The actual command is

    pdm_text_cmd.exe -t Request -o UPDATE -u <userid> -f file.txt

    where file.txt is the text file specified above and <userid> is the user you wish to commit the update to using.
    (The -u flag is optional)

    The above command will update the ticket and set the status to close.


Component: ARGIS