How to make pages with a particular query string in the URL as Unprotected?
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How to make pages with a particular query string in the URL as Unprotected?


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Customer wants to have the following 4 URLS which have Query String appended to them should not be protected by Siteminder. How this can be configured and achieved in Siteminder?



To make the above mentioned URL's having Query Strings as NOT-protected by SiteMinder; Customer should make use of unprotected realms.

Unprotected Realms

By default when a realm is created, it is in a protected state. In a protected realm, all resources are protected against access. To allow access, a rule must be defined, and then included in a policy.

When you create a realm in an unprotected state, you must configure rules before SiteMinder protects the resources in the realm. If you create a rule for resources in the unprotected realm, only the specified resources are protected. Once the resource is protected, the rule must be added to a policy to allow users to access the resource. You may want to use an unprotected realm if only a subset of the resources in a realm need to be protected from unauthorized access.

For More information about Unprotected Realms - You can read the Policy Server Configuration Guide; Section-Unprotected Realms, Rules, and Policies.

Here is the link for the online CA SiteMinder Policy Server Configuration Guide for R12-SP3

Now here is how to make your above mentioned 4 URL's as unprotected-

Create 4 realms and Make them unprotected (To make a realm unprotected go to the selected Realm properties and under the section named Default Resource Protection ->check the radio button -"unprotected").

Do not create any rules under these realms.

In the Resource Filter For the first realm enter-

Similarly, in Resource Filter for rest of the three realms enter your remaining three URL's.

Now, These 4 realms and the URL's are unprotected by SiteMinder.

Later, if you need to protect any of these URL's you can create a rule under these realms and then add the rule to the policy.


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