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CaiUxsA2 system agent does not display all available physical interfaces.


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Sometimes the caiUxsA2 agent displays only some of all the physical interfaces available on a computer.
Running the command ifconfig -a makes it possible to see all available interfaces, but only some of them are detected by system agent.


The caiUxsA2 agent only discovers and monitors physical interfaces that have an IP address bound, but the rest are not discovered. Run the command ifconfig -a to see which interfaces have an IP address bound or not. inet or inet6, depending on whether the IP address is ipv4 or ipv6, will display any IP addresses associated to that physical interface.

Note: Unicenter NSM 11.2 supports both IP versions.
           There is an enhancement request to monitor all interfaces, not only the ones with a bound IP address.


Release: TNGEXO05500-11.1-Management-for Microsoft Exchange