Can I display Archived detailed log files?
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Can I display Archived detailed log files?


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XCOM Data Transport


XCOM r11 allows you to display detailed archived log files in addition to filtering what log records you would like to review.


Release: XCOM for AS/400


Starting with CA XCOM r11 you can display archived detailed logs using the DSPSLOG command.

When you issue command DSPSLOG you will receive a detailed screen that will allow you to specify the name of the archived log in the following field of the screen:

Archive History File Name (defaults to current History File):

Library File ===> *LIBL      XCOMDLOG 

Not only can you display archived log files, but you can also specify specific criteria to select the records to be displayed by filling out any of the criteria fields on the DSPSLOG screen. Please refer to the XCOM User Guide for details on all the fields for the DSPSLOG command.