What do I do if I can no longer edit the DXmanager configuration?
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What do I do if I can no longer edit the DXmanager configuration?


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When editing a configuration in DXmanager, your session may time out or you exit the browser without saving the configuration. When you log back into DXmanager you may see that all the configuration options are grayed out (unselectable) or that the configuration is still being edited.


There are times, whilst you are in the middle of editing a configuration in DXmanager, where you may either leave the browser open for too long with no activity, causing it to time out (default of 15 mins), or closing it before saving the configuration. This will cause the DXmanager to be locked in "edit" mode once you log back in. You may find that the configuration can no longer be edited. The screen will look like this:

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1

You will notice that DXmanager states that the model is being edited by dxmanager (the user logged in), however the user has no edit options available to them.

When this happens you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to the DXmanager server and go to the folder


    On Windows %DXWEBHOME% default location is "c:\Program Files\CA\Directory\dxwebserver".

    On UNIX $DXWEBHOME default location is "/opt/CA/Directory/dxwebserver"

  2. You then need to delete the folder corresponding to the username that was logged in to DXmanager at the time of the edit. For instance if you were logged in as the user "dxmanager" and the browser timed out or you closed the browser, there should be a directory


    Likewise, If you were logged in as "testuser" there should be a directory named


  3. Locate this directory and delete it and all the contents inside.

  4. You will then need to restart the dxwebserver.

    1. On UNIX this can be done on the command line by logging in as user "dsa" and running the commands:
      % dxwebserver stop
      % dxwebserver start
    2. On Windows go to the service manager and restart the "CA Directory Webserver" service via the service manager.

  5. Once dxwebserver has been restarted you can log back in as the same user and you should see the edit options enabled.
Please Note: That some configuration edits may be lost as a result of deleting the cached "model.xml" file. If this is the case, please import the most recent DXmanager XML backup you have, then continue editing the config.

When exiting DXmanager, please use the "logoff" link within the GUI. Also ensure that you have saved any edits & logoff if you are going to be away from your DXmanager console for a long period of time (greater than 15 minutes).


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