How to run 'cautil start autoscan' for a previous date?
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How to run 'cautil start autoscan' for a previous date?


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Unicenter Job Management Option



The need may arise to run an autoscan for the day before rather than the current day.


The procedure to do this is as follows.

  1. Make a backup copy of the CASHDB and CAIUNIDB

  2. Issue the following commands:
    cautil stop autosubunishutdown sche cd $CAIGLBL0000/tmp/<nodename>mv ckp2_<nodename> ckp2_<nodename>.old caidb start cashdb./sqlconnect to cashdb;delete from ca7.strecord;         # Jobset Trackingdelete from ca7.jtrecord;         # Job Trackingdelete from ca7.psrtcord;         # Jobset & job Predecessor Trackingdelete from ca7.prtecord;         # Job Parms Trackingdelete from ca7.trtecord;         # Triggers Trackingdelete from ca7.strscord;         # Jobset Tracking Simulationdelete from ca7.jtrscord;         # Job Tracking Simulationdelete from ca7.psrscord;         # Job Predecessor Tracking Simulationdelete from ca7.genecord;         # Autoscanrelease;quit;  unistart allunistart autosub