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How can I deploy a package to specific users on a computer?


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Is there a way to deploy a package to specific users on a computer, instead of deploying it to the computer which makes it available to all users?



Client Automation - All versions



To push out a package to specific users on a computer, 'User Profiles' support has to be enabled:

  1. In the DSM Explorer drill down to Control Panel->Configuration.

  2. Right-click 'Configuration Policy' and select 'New Policy'.

  3. In the new policy ('User Profiles' in this example) set the 'Registration: Supported unit types' policy to 'Computer + User Profile'.

    This policy is under DSM->Agent->Common Agent->Software Delivery.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Right-click the policy and select 'Seal'.

  6. Apply the policy to the desired computers.


Once this policy is applied successfully to the computers you will see the computer users under 'All User Profiles'.

Ex: ABC\User1, ABC\User2

(Where ABC is the name of the computer and User1 & User2 are the users on the computer)

You can then push a package to the desired user by deploying the package to the user under 'All User Profiles' and it will execute in the context of that user on the computer.

Note: The user needs to be logged on to the computer for job to be executed.