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If VM:Account is suspended can it respond to a quiesce from VM:Backup?


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If VM:Account is suspended, can it respond to a QUIESCE request from VM:Backup?

Noticed message VMJBUF008I on VM:Backup's console.  What does a completion code 32 from this message mean; VMJBUF008I QUIESCE completion code=32.



VM:Account cannot respond to a QUIESCE request when it has been suspended. Completion code 32 is an indication for the requestor to WAIT and try again later.

You cannot QUIESCE when:

  1. VMACCT is suspended

  2. VMACCT is REFRESH'ing

  3. VMACCT is doing PERIOD command processing


Release: VMBKUP00400-3.4-VM:Backup