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How to Add the LDAP server in Central Management Server, if the organization has multiple LDAP servers?


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In many organizations, there are multiple LDAP servers referring to each other either for failover or for load balancing. This document explains the procedure to follow in adding the LDAP hosts in CMC.


The LDAP configuration screen in Central Management Console allows to add multiple LDAP servers. See Figure 1

Figure 1

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Figure 1

BusinessObjects Enterprise uses the first host that added as the primary LDAP host. Subsequent hosts are treated as failover hosts. The primary LDAP host and all failover hosts must be configured in exactly the same way, and each LDAP host must refer to all additional hosts from which the groups will be mapped.

To add multiple hosts:

  1. Type the host name or ip address along with the port number as hostname:389 and click on Add button.

  2. Repeat step 1 for adding additional LDAP hosts.


Component: ARGIS


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