How do attachments work and what are the best practices to configure repositories?
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How do attachments work and what are the best practices to configure repositories?


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The document below describes the list of "to do" things to keep in mind before configuring repositories for attachments.


Attachment functionality of service desk uses tomcat exclusively. The Repository Daemon is responsible for attachments to function properly. Hence, it should always be available to client machines through port 8080 or the port configured for tomcat while running pdm_configure. This means that users should have access to Tomcat port through firewall. If users are able to access internet and intranet through IIS doesn't mean attachments would work unless tomcat port is open through firewall.

Knowledge tools and service desk use the same backend technology to attach and download documents.

If necessary, the repository daemon could be added to a secondary server using pdm_edit and the repositories should be pointing to secondary server. The repository folder should also exist on secondary in this case.

When creating a repository, the host name is case sensitive. Hence ensure that the repository name is in the same case as "hostname". Use Ip address or FQDN of the Repository Daemon server when in doubt.

The web.xml located in $NX_ROOT/bopcfg/www/CATALINA_BASE/webapps/CAisd/WEBINF controls the file extensions to be attached. In the event analysts or employees attempt to add other types of attachments, it would be necessary to edit this file.

For Example :

As attachments are exclusively dependent on tomcat, performance of tomcat would effect attachments too. Increase the tomcat memory for better performance. For more information on how to increase tomcat memory please check TEC418959.


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