Software Distribution or Stage Fails with "DTS failure - reason 6".
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Software Distribution or Stage Fails with "DTS failure - reason 6".


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A software distribution or stage may fail with "DTS failure - reason 6" - Job status: DTS error: dts error [SDM228431], but the delivery trace shows that DTS transfers are in progress or completed.


Root Cause: A timeout occurred between Unicenter Software Delivery and the DTS API.

Solution: Increase the timeout from the default value of 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Make the following configuration change on the domain manager: In the Unicenter DSM Explorer, expand Control Panel, Configuration, Configuration Policy. Unseal the Default Computer Policy, and select DSM, Software Delivery, File Transfer. Double-click the DTS: Server API Timeout policy, and change the value from 30,000 milliseconds to 300,000 milliseconds. Finally, seal the Default Computer Policy again.


Component: DTSVMG