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How do I extract user information like last log off, last log on and logon hours?


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The WBEM Inventory module has to be configured in order to collect user information like last log off, last long on and log on hours.


  • In the DSM Explorer, drill down to Control Panel->Configuration->Collection Modules->Inventory Detection Modules.
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    Figure 1
    (Fig. 1)

  • Double click on 'WBEM Inventory' and go to the 'Configuration' tab.
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    Figure 2
    (Fig. 2)

  • Click on launch and then select Win32_*
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    Figure 3
    (Fig. 3)

  • Expand Win32_* -> Win32_NetworkLoginProfile and select LastLogoff, LastLogon and LogonHours as shown in the screenshot below. Click OK and apply the changes as prompted.
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    Figure 4
    (Fig. 4)

  • Once the agents run and the inventory is collected by the Engine, a report can be created using the DSM Reporter as illustrated below using the WBEM Inventory fields.
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    Figure 5
    (Fig. 5)


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence


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