How to prevent ISRE110 Recovery failed error
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How to prevent ISRE110 Recovery failed error


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If a user is in Panvalet-ISPF editing a program and walks away long enough, their TSO session will time out and get cancelled. When they log back on and attempt to go back into editing the same member they get the following error screen:


Recovery failed
Unable to allocate backup data set userid.ISPnnnn.BACKUP

The backup dataset is being allocated during logon time and Panvalet is attempting to allocate it again resulting in the failure. To get past the error the user must enter "cancel" in the recovery panel and subsequently lose any changes.

Please recognize Panvalet-ISPF does not do the actual call to the recovery datasets. It only uses the ISPF services routines to open the dataset. All maintenance, allocation, and services surrounding the recovery datasets are handled by IBM, so we regret there is nothing we can do to alleviate the situation other than advise users to save data before walking away so changes are not lost.


Release: PVALET00200-14.5-Panvalet