How to move the SQL MDB to a remote server.
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How to move the SQL MDB to a remote server.


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Instructions on how to move the Service Desk SQL database from one server to another.


WARNING: The following information is for a site running only Service Desk r11.2.
The CA MDB is the master database for all CA products. Check that there are no other CA products on your site, and discuss with their administrators first before commencing a database move, in order to avoid inadvertently disabling these products completely. These other products would also need to be repointed to the new database location.

  1. Backup MDB data on the original DB server and a file system backup of the original Service Desk installation.

  2. If the new SQL server is 64 bit, install the Remote Component patch for 64bit (RO04856) to the new DB server.
    If not, please skip this step and go to step (3).

    1. Copy the contents of the DVD to a local drive.
    2. Extract the patch and get the file 'PrereqModules.dll'.
    3. Copy the dll file to (DVD copy)\winsrvr.nt\java\bin directory.
    4. Run setup.exe.

  3. Run pdm_configure and define a new MDB on the new DB server.
    NOTE: Please turn on "Load default data" when defining it so that Step (4) can work. This data will be replaced later in Step (5).

  4. Test that this new blank Service Desk installation works. Do not continue to Step (5) until this is successful.
    TIP: Taking a backup of the system at this point can save time if the following steps fail for any reason.

  5. Restore the MDB database to the new server.

  6. Update the SQL paths if necessary to the new location of the database and SQL logs.

  7. Re-run pdm_configure without the "Load default data" option.

  8. Review Service Desk to make sure that it is working as expected.


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