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Remote Control session gets disconnected as soon as a connection is established.


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Once a session is established and the Remote Control Viewer gets the desktop of the host, it gets disconnected with the following error message:

"Connection to the network lost".

The TRC_RCVIEWER.log shows the following:

220109-12:38:13.9868781L|007428|000014d4|VIEWER|CCFNetwork::Rece|CCFNetwork.cpp|001945|ERROR|Failed to decompress data stream.
Stream compression state lost. Disconnecting 220109-12:38:13.9870043L|007428|000014d4|VIEWER|CCFSock::Disconn|CCFSock.cpp|000392|DETAIL | Disconnect Called 220109-12:38:13.9873882L|007428|000014d4|VIEWER|rcViewer |000000|INFO|CRCViewer::Notify: network error 23 raised:

On the URC Viewer screen you will see the following text:

Establishing network connection to x.x.x.x...
Verifying username and password... 
Connected successfully 
Disconnected from remote computer: 
The network connection has been lost.
Time connected xx minute(s) xx second(s) .. 


The problem may be due to Data compression.

To fix this problem select "No Compression" in Data Compression section under the Advanced tab in the Connection Settings screen.

<Please see attached file for image>

Figure 1


Release: UASIT.99000-11.2-Asset Intelligence


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