Remote Control session gets disconnected as soon as a connection is established.
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Remote Control session gets disconnected as soon as a connection is established.


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Once a session is established and the Remote Control Viewer gets the desktop of the host, it gets disconnected with the following error message:

"Connection to the network lost".

The TRC_RCVIEWER.log shows the following:

220109-12:38:13.9868781L|007428|000014d4|VIEWER|CCFNetwork::Rece|CCFNetwork.cpp|001945|ERROR|Failed to decompress data stream.
Stream compression state lost. Disconnecting 220109-12:38:13.9870043L|007428|000014d4|VIEWER|CCFSock::Disconn|CCFSock.cpp|000392|DETAIL | Disconnect Called 220109-12:38:13.9873882L|007428|000014d4|VIEWER|rcViewer |000000|INFO|CRCViewer::Notify: network error 23 raised:

On the URC Viewer screen you will see the following text:

Establishing network connection to x.x.x.x...
Verifying username and password... 
Connected successfully 
Disconnected from remote computer: 
The network connection has been lost.
Time connected xx minute(s) xx second(s) .. 


Client Automation: All Versions.


The problem may be due to Data compression.

To fix this problem select "No Compression" in Data Compression section under the Advanced tab in the Connection Settings screen.

<Please see attached file for image>



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