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How to configure Asset/CI notifications in Service Desk R12?


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Asset/CI notifications is a new feature in Service Desk R12. This document explains the steps to setup asset/ci notifications.


Assets/CI's has associations with contacts, vendors and organizations. In Service Desk R12, new special object contacts have been created that allows the contacts, organizations and vendors of an Asset/CI to be notified.

The special object contacts will have special notation (@) which helps to distinguish them from normal object contacts. Figure 1


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Figure 1

The following are the special object contacts for Assets/CI's: Figure 2

Figure 2

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Figure 2

Example: Steps to notify Asset/CI primary contact on Initial notification

  1. Login to Service Desk as Administrator. Go to Administration->Notifications->Activity Notifications->Initial

  2. Under the Notification Rules tab, click on the "Default initial Notification Rule for request/incident/problem ". Figure 3
    Figure 3

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    Figure 3

  3. In the notification rule detail window, under Object Contacts tab click on Update Objects.

  4. In the Notification Recipients Update window, from the Object Contacts select CI's Primary Contact and move it to Notification Recipient's section and click on OK. Figure 4

    Figure 4

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    Figure 4

    This will send out a notification to the primary contact of the CI mentioned on the ticket whenever an incident/request/problem is opened.


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