How do pdm_backup and pdm_restore work with the MDB in r11.2?
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How do pdm_backup and pdm_restore work with the MDB in r11.2?


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Pdm_backup and restore work against the MDB but only backs up and restores Service Desk related tables. Both commands are utilized in the same way as in previous versions of Service Desk. The following data is backed up by pdm_backup in r11:

  • All Service Desk Tables

    • ca common tables that Service Desk utilizes such as ca_contact, ca_owned_resource, etc.*

    • Multi-site Tables

  • Options Manager settings

  • All Keyword Search/Knowledge Tools Tables

  • Adaptations

    • Custom schema

    • Custom form groups and forms

    However pdm_backup does not backup the following data:

  • Attachments- Attachment links are backed up but not actual files. Customers need to manually back up directories under site/attachments

  • The entire MDB is not backed up, only Service Desk related tables

  • eIAM

  • Service Intelligence- Si_ tables are not backed up.

  • CA Workflow- Workflows and settings are not backed up. CA Workflow process definitions can be backed up using XML export tool from Workflow IDE.

    Pdm_restore works differently than in previous versions because it now takes into account common tables in the MDB that Service Desk users. It is important to note that because of data constraints on the MDB several sql commands need to be run before doing a pdm_restore. Please see the "Backing up the Database" section in the Administrator guide. The following are key points in regards to what pdm_restore does in r11:

    • CA Common Tables

    • Common Tables are NOT cleared

    • Primary key is UUID and restore will only add non-existent UUIDs

    • No duplicate UUIDs will be created

    • Objects with duplicate names will be created if they have different UUIDs

    • Does NOT clear or restore Ca_asset or other discovered asset tables

    • Service Desk Only Tables


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