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MVS command D OPDATA,TR shows an entry for TPX. Is this problem solved for z/OS V1.10 or are there any additional fixes?


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Teleview TELEVIEW- PACKAGE TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS



The MVS command 'OPDATA' displays the result of the IBM Console ID Tracking Facility.
The display in a Z/OS V1.8 LPAR shows TPX as an entry:

   CNZ1001I 09.17.03 TRACKING DISPLAY 011                                  
   STATUS=ON       NUM=7    MAX=1000 MEM=n/a EXCL=0     REJECT=0           
   SVC DOM WITH ID=0        00 IXGLOGR  IXGINLPA 85F66   14   1  
   SVC DOM WITH ID=0        00 TPXC     NVIMAINI  23D0   74   1

Does TPX V5.2 with Z/OS V1.10 still issues 'DOM with id=0' and if yes, what fix is needed to solve this problem?


There are no fixes needed for this condition.

The opdata display tracking messages described will not cause any problems with TPX or the operating system. We are aware of the console-id bytes changes in upcoming Z/OS systems and also know that the console-ids will be eliminated by IBM in the near future.

The warning messages you may be seeing state that the console-id interface that TPX is using now will be discontinued in the near future and, therefore, TPX will need to change its interface also. We are aware of this and will make the required changes in the next release if needed.


Component: TLVIEW