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How to delete packages that are not in-edit and the approvers no longer exist?


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


I have userids in approver groups of people that have left the company.  As a result I can not delete pacakges that are in edit. 
What can I do to resolve this? 


CA Endevor Software Change Manager 18.0 18.1 


You have 3 options:
  1. Set BATCHID=0 and make the JOBNAME (based on UIDLOC values) match any of the non-existent approver userids.
  2. Set up a special C1DEFLTS where PKGSEC=MIGRATE or ESI. Then modify the BC1TNEQU table and racf/acf2/topsecret to process ESI rules for Package_Options. Migrate will do an ESI call only if you are not an approver to see if you are allowed to perform the action anyway.ESI will always do an ESI call regardless of "approver status".
  3. Have your security team temporarily set up one of the approver userids again andt then you can logon using that temp id and reset the package. After the Approver groups have been updated, re-Cast the package.