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What does the option "Replace" do when trying to export a universe to a folder which already has a universe with the same name?


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This document explains the functionality of the Replace function when exporting an universe.


Every universe has a CUID which is an unique identifier in the Central Management Server (CMS). If a universe is exported to a folder which already contains the same name, it will prompt to either Replace or Cancel. This happens because the name of the universe is same, however the CUID is different for each universe. The Replace option should be used to overwrite the existing universe with the new one.

The Replace option does the following :

  1. All the objects with references to the existing universe will still be able to find the universe.

  2. All ACL rights like View/Edit etc are preserved.

  3. All Security Restrictions are preserved.

  4. Replaces the definition of the universe (.unv file).

  5. Replaces all connection information.

  6. Update the revision number to be the maximum (local revision number, CMS revision number) + 1.


Component: ARGIS