Monitor if any Application is installed on an Agent using an Event Based Policy
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Monitor if any Application is installed on an Agent using an Event Based Policy


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


This document explains how to create an Event Based Policy to track any new Application installed on the agent systems.

The Policy will send an email to the recipient and it also displays a Message Box on the Agent system.


Client Automation - All versions


  1. Expand Policies

  2. Expand Event Based

  3. Right click on Asset Software

  4. Give appropriate name (For e.g. AppMon)

  5. Click on Application on the left hand side.

  6. Select "When the Application is installed".

  7. Then select "Track all the applications".


    1. Select the type of action that you want to perform if this even occurs.

      (For e.g. a message will be displayed on the agent system or an email with Details will be sent to multiple recipients etc.)

    2. Setting up email notification

    3. Setting up message notification (the message may have whatever information is required, this is just an example):

    4. Now, on the agent system, install any application.

    5. Rescan Software using following command on the agent system.

      caf start amagent args //RESCAN_SOFTWARE //RECOLLECT


    6. Right click on the system name in the DSM Explorer and point to Asset Job \ Activate Job Check. Select Rescan Software and Re-Collect and click on OK.

    7. You will see the message displayed on the agent system, along with an email with all the details.

    8. Email received