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z/OS upgrade considerations for CA Easytrieve 6.4.


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How does one know which PTFs are required when upgrading from z/OS 1.9 to z/OS 1.11, skipping z/OS 1.10, for example? Is the z/OS 1.10 fix, RO06695, still needed for CA Easytrieve 6.4?


Informational upgrade solutions for CA Easytrieve are not cumulative. Thus if one skips z/OS releases while upgrading, the upgrade solutions for those skipped releases should still be reviewed.

For example, if one upgrades from z/OS 1.9 to z/OS 1.11, skipping z/OS 1.10, one finds that the z/OS 1.11 solution RI11038 states that there are no reported problems for that release of z/OS. However, it also contains this important note:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following information is not cumulative and applies only to an upgrade from the directly prior release (z/OS 1.10) to the current one (z/OS 1.11). If you are upgrading from farther back, you should check all CA Easytrieve upgrade letters between your z/OS level and the current one.

So one should also find and review the z/OS 1.10 informational solution, RI02219. It shows that APAR RO06695 is required.


Component: EZTPLS