How to use Wake-on-Lan function when client PC's are in VLAN's?
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How to use Wake-on-Lan function when client PC's are in VLAN's?


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What we need is a wake-on-lan function for nightly client pc boots.

This would allow us to install certain updates when the computer is not used by a end user. the clients reside in several different VLAN's, which means that we probably need to send kind of a "unicast magic packet" for booting them instead of taking use of broadcast.

The wake-up frame is sent using broadcast. Since we use VLANS in our network, the broadcast won't be transferred to the client computers in other networks than the one where the DSM server is.


It requires a configuration policy setting under

dsm\common components\caf\wake-on-lan\WOL: broadcast = Unicast


dsm\common components\caf\wake-on-lan\WOL: broadcast = Broadcast + Unicast

Then it uses unicast.


Component: DTSVMG