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What are the viewers available to view reports in Infoview? How to change the default viewer for Infoview?


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This document describes the viewers available in CA Business Intelligence and provides the steps to modify the default viewer for Infoview.


Viewers allow you to view reports, navigate through multiple pages, refresh data, drill down to see details behind charts and summarized data, select parameters etc. They also have printing and exporting capabilities. Most of the features remain same for all the viewers but some features will be unique to a specific viewer. The viewers available in Infoview are

  • ActiveX viewer

  • DHTML viewer

  • Advanced DHTML viewer

  • Java viewer
The default viewer used by Infoview can be set in Central Management Console.
  1. Login to Central Management Console as Administrator

  2. Click on Business Objects Applications. See Fig 1


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    Figure 1

  3. From the list of Applications, select Infoview. See Fig 2

    Fig 2

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 2

  4. In the Infoview Properties page, scroll down to Viewers section and select the viewer from the drop down which you want to make as default. See Fig 3

    Fig 3

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    Figure 3

  5. Users also have an option to change the default viewer in Infoview to view crystal reports

  6. To select a different viewer in Infoview, login to Infoview. Click on the Preferences icon on the top right corner.

  7. In the Preferences, go to Crystal Report tab.

  8. Select the viewer to be used from the "View my reports using the ..." section See Fig 4

    Fig 4

    <Please see attached file for image>

    Figure 4

  9. Click on Apply and OK to save the changes.


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